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What is Catch, Photo & Release (CPR)

We as a club want to follow best practices for protecting the environment and fish we have the pleasure of enjoying during our hobby of kayak fishing.  For this reason we practice the method of catch, photo, & release (CPR) during our tournaments.  CPR is the act of catching a fish, taking a photo of the fish on the measuring board, and releasing the fish unharmed back into the water. Below are the rules and examples of CPR.

Photo Criteria


  1. The entire Bass, from the tip of the lip to the end of the tail, on an approved measuring device, while in a tournament legal vessel.

  2. Bass must be laying with the tip of the lip against the post end of the measuring device.

  3. Bass orientation must be facing to the left, tail to the right, belly toward the angler.

  4. Measuring device post must be visible.

  5. Measuring device markings must be clearly visible. Including the actual numbers.

  6. Assigned unique identifier’s number must be clearly visible.  It may be written on the bump sticker, on the back of the hand, or on a Tourney Tag located on the board or hand/wrist.  

  7. Photos must be taken directly from above, not at an angle.

  8. The mouth of the Bass must be CLOSED COMPLETELY.

  9. The tail of the Bass must be lying flat on the board and will be measured to the longest point.

  10. Pinching the tail is permitted.

  11. Lip, eye, and end of tail cannot be obstructed in the photo, even by your hand or identifier.

  12. Hand or fingers must not be under or in the gill plate.

  13. Fish must be clear of any holding devices including fishing lure or hook

  14. The photo must be taken by same angler who caught fish.

  15. Action cameras (e.g. GoPro) may be used to take pictures. However, it is the angler's responsibility to ensure all photo criteria are met.

  16. Fish must visibly unharmed. Any fish that appears to be sick or dead may be disqualified by the judges.





Getting your Hawg Trough NAKA Ready

We HIGHLY Recommend that you darken the lines on your Hawg Trough.  

We all know that adding your own lines to the Hawg trough is an annoying but necessary part of kayak fishing tournaments. We would like to point out some tips to making sure your board, and specifically your lines on your board, don’t cost you any money this

Our scorers have been instructed to look closely at marker lines this year and make sure they are where they should be.

We have added pictures below for best detail. Start by making sure you have your marker lines drawn in to the right of the corresponding raised lines on the board, NOT TO THE LEFT, and try not to be directly on top either.

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