[Cullman, AL] – 28 anglers braved the heat and the skinny waters of North Alabama to compete in the third event on the 2015 NAKA Tournament Trail, the River Stop.

IMG_3554The big winner of the day was Tony Dean who ended up with a fantastic 3 fish stringer of 56.25″.  Tony and his sons Sam and Lane fished the same skinny water, but only the father walked away with 1st place and $210.  In addition to the cash, Tony won a Manley Rod and a 412 Prize Pack.  Tony said, “We each had our own game plan and went our separate ways.”  When the sons were done, Tony decided to fish on, “My boys decided they had had enough but I fished a bit more. I chunked my rat l trap and reeled in my 3rd fish.”  Dean won by a margin of 3.25″, but Tony still saw some missed opportunity to separate himself a little bit farther.  “My photography skills cost me about 1.5″ on my 21.”

Tony added, “It was a really good day. But any day on the water with your sons is a good day. I was just glad it held up.”

Tony’s son Sam was grateful in defeat and said, “it was good to see the old man take home the winnings,” and then he let us all in on why he and Lane were so glad for Dad, “His winnings always go towards paying the next entry fee for the Dean boys.”

Then, in typical son fashion Sam said, “I am a little surprised Dad caught his fish on a slow moving finesse bait, Tony’s normal motto is chunk n wind, chunk n wind.”

Tony Dean's Stringer

Tony Dean’s Stringer


The NAKA Big Bass award went to Jonathan Lessmann.  Jon caught a monster 21.25″ bass on his day fishing the skinny waters.  Jon took home $130 cash, a Big Will’s Outfitters $25 Gift Card and Prize Pack, and some serious bragging rights.

2nd place went to Mike Carter with a great stringer of 53.00″.  Mike took home $120 cash and a Hammer Rod from The Tackle Trap, and a gift card from The Riverside Fly Shop.

Mike Carter's Stringer

Mike Carter’s Stringer

3rd place was Daniel Sanders.  Daniel had 52.50″ on his stringer.  When asked about his day, Daniel said, “The morning started off slow for me, didn’t get catch my first fish until 7:00. After that it was on.”  Daniel left the River Stop with $80, and prize packs from Premier League Lures, 412 Bait Co by Donald Corbett, and UG White.

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Daniel Sander’s Stringer

John Taylor took home $60 with his 4th place finish.  Randall Wallace finished 5th and collected $40 and Eric Atkins finished 6th and walked away with his entrance fee of $30.

All in all it was a great day of fishing the skinny waters of North Alabama.  NAKA Anglers turned in 50 total bass with a total length of 730.75 inches!

NAKA is grateful to all of our sponsors, Without them, this kind of stuff just doesn’t work as well as it has.  Please give them a look when you’re shopping.


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