Our Online Tournaments strive to provide a flexible fishing format to allow anglers with even the most complicated schedules to participate and compete.

#NAKABIGBASS Tournaments are the online tournament series for North Alabama Kayak Anglers. NAKA online big bass tournaments began in November 2013 as a way to encourage NAKA members to keep fishing during the colder months. 2014 brought the formal name of #NAKABIGBASS as well as regularly held monthly tournaments. Today #NAKABIGBASS is an integral part of the NAKA group event schedule. Tournaments are held with varying frequency of a month or longer all throughout the year to maximize angler’s opportunities to participate.

Paid entrants submit photograph’s of fish to the appropriate #NAKABIGBASS event page (generated on the club Facebook page www.facebook.com/northalabamakayakanglers). The club scorer with record the fish and reply with official recorded length.

Tournaments feature 100% cash payouts (after PayPal processing fee’s)as well as prizes when available. Cash and prizes will be awarded by the Tournament director or board member following the official results being announced.

Participation in some #NAKABIGBASS tournaments count towards each participating anglers NAKA Angler of the Year virtual stringer.


#NAKABIGBASS Online Tournament Official Rules:

#NAKABIGBASS Tournaments are organized to provide anglers the maximum amount of flexibility. That flexibility requires the highest integrity from the individual anglers.


Photo must include the entire fish. View of the mouth and tail of the fish must be unobstructed.

Qualifying fish must be caught from public waters.

You may use fish grippers, or stringers to help retain your fish during the photographing process but nothing should cover a perfect view of the fish from head to tail. It is up the angler to do their best to protect the fish while taking the photo.

All fish must face the left with some part of the fish touching the “zero” marker on your measuring device.

The dorsal fin must be facing upward. Upside down fish will not be scored.

Get the most length out of your fish without harming the fish. You may not harm, mangle, mash, or maul the fish for any reason. Fish whose jaws appear to be damaged for any reason may be disqualified.

You may pinch the tail prior to capturing photo provided it does not harm the fish. However, the tail must be freely lying on the board in the photo.

Fish must visibly unharmed. Any fish that appears to be sick or dead may be disqualified by the judges.

Markings on the measuring device must be clear and legible to the ¼”. NAKA highly recommends the use of Hog Trough measuring boards for all our events. They are simply the easiest to see in photographs however all main boards are allowed – plano, hawg trough etc. Any angler using boards other than Hog Troughs assume all the risk that photos will not be clear for scoring.

Photos must be taken directly from above, not at an angle.

Each tournament’s assigned identifier must be visible in each photo.

SPECIFER will be provided to each paid participant along with an angler specific pin # after receiving payment. Specifier should be printed and included in the picture of any submitted fish. No exceptions.

FEE’S Entry is $10, Payments can be made through the NAKA Online Store. Entry fees must be paid before posting fish obviously.

PAYOUT is 100% of proceeds from entry fees (after fees from PayPal which in nominal). Number of places awarded depends on the number of anglers who participate.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason. Tournament Directors judgments will be considered final. In the case of a tie, angler who is first to post approved fish will be declared the winner.

Only man-powered vessels will be allowed (canoes, kayaks, SUP, float tubes, etc.). Participants using vessels that do not fall within the canoe, kayak, SUP, or float tube categories must get clearance with the Tournament Director before participation.

No electric or gas motors permitted. However, accommodations will be made for special needs anglers on a case-by-case basis. Arrangements must be made prior to the tournament.


PDF NAKABIGBASS Online Tournament Official Rules


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