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Kayaking Safety

Seems all to common these days that a kayaker has been injured, or even worse drowned, because they didn’t take the proper safety precautions.  In fact, there are over 32,000 stories of this on the internet.  We all know accidents happen, but […]

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2016 – The Open – Recap & Results

  Recap:   North Alabama Kayak Angler’s first event of 2016, The Open, is now in the record books. We had a great turnout with 89 anglers, dozens of campers the night before, and 78 in attendance for the weigh […]

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2016 Changes

2015 is out and 2016 is in.  In an effort to list all of the new website additions I created this page. The 2016 Entire NAKA schedule is posted – this includes NAKA Trail, #NAKABIGBASS and the Bag N Trash […]

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