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The Hooper Rule

We strive as a group to walk a balancing line between protecting small/skinny water fisheries and at the same time encouraging anglers to help each other with info and details on particular waterways if they wish to do so. It has been a point of contention on many occasions here on the group with many Naka's taking different sides of the argument. It is confusing at times when some fisheries/waterways are regularly mentioned and some seem to be hyper protected. Hopefully this following clarification helps.

What we will accept without moderating...........

1. Common sense use of names. Some examples of acceptable uses will be " Anyone want to fish the Flint tomorrow?" or "Has anyone ever fished the Flint?, PM me". We will not nuke a thread or comment just for simply naming a river. However we ask that you do put some thought into your posts and determine if using the name of the fishery is really necessary. We think you will find that it rarely is.

2. Names of creeks and rivers where float operations are already operating. If you have a good day on the Coosa wih COC or CRA, Big Wills with BWO, or whatever other creek with another operation, put it up. Make sure to give credit to the outfitter if they gave you a shuttle/tips/guidance/gear.

What we will moderate........

1.Launch sites-We dont want to see river/small/skinny water launch sites listed. We do not care if it has been there for "100 years "or if "everyone" knows about it. These can be easily communicated via PM. We encourage those wishing to help to do so in that fashion. Launch sites containing a concrete boat launch will not be moderated.

2. Specifics and a name. There is a huge difference in saying "Check out this 24" bass I just caught on Big G!!!" and "Check out this 24" bass I just caught on the Flint!!!" That type of "attention" would effect a small fishery much differently than the 69,000 acres of water in Guntersville. We recognize that this leaves some room for interpretation. AGAIN, we ask that you consider the necessity of naming the fishery in the first place. If you name it and post are risking the post to moderation.

3.We dont want to see maps or gps coordinates for rivers/small/skinny water. Again, communicate these by PM. 69,000 lakes are ok.

This obviously doesnt cover every situation. We fully expect that something might come up periodically that will require us to make judgement calls. These things arent personal and we dont wish for them to be a point of conflict but we will do what we think is right. We arent asking for your agreement or your permission. This is just a fair warning on what we will allow and what we wont.

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