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Our Story

North Alabama Kayak Anglers was conceived the winter of 2011 by Nate and Dave Mayfield to learn more about Kayaking and Fishing and meet other local anglers. The first loosely organized group “get togethers” took place on the Elk River in Southern Tennessee with 4-6 anglers. The original group consisted mostly of family and close friends.

In April of 2012, the Facebook group page was launched and other likeminded anglers began to join and influence the club. Group interests ranged from Fly-fishing to Saltwater to Panfish and everything in between.

2013 saw the first organized “Fun” tournaments being held with the original taking place on the Flint River with 10 anglers attending. #NAKABIGBASS online tournaments first made their appearance in November 2013 with prizes being awarded to winning members. The activity on the group page continued to grow as well as the total group membership topped 200 in fall of that year.

2014 brought club membership well over the 300 mark. That year the group built upon its early identity and hosted 2 additional fun Tournaments with the 2nd being attended by 30+ anglers. Planning boards were created to improve and enhance the competitive fishing opportunities that the club would offer. #NAKABIGBASS Tourneys became a regularly occurring part of the club calendar.

Plans were made and approved for the group to offer its first Tournament Trail to be held in 2015 as well as a NAKA Angler of the Year competition and award.

Club events and attendance continued to grow through 2016, 2017, and 2018 with tournament averages reaching 65+ and Facebook group reaching over 2500 members. The club added a community trash and litter clean up event called #NAKABIGTRASH and also laid the foundation for a Youth only Trail to help educate and involve young anglers interested in the sport. We also added formal club Demo days where the public can come and try out several different types of kayaks and accessories to the schedule. We also formalized the early season Tackle swap where anglers get together and buy-sell-trade fishing and kayak related gear.

North Alabama Kayak Anglers will continue to stay true to its roots as a “fun” fishing group, an overall casual place for Kayak Anglers to chat, meet new friends, and fish. We will take advantage of the sports popularity to teach best practices and how to stay safe on the water. We will also embrace and support the growing sport of competitive kayak fishing.

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